Town of Grafton NH

Town Clerk

PO Box 277
Grafton, NH  03240

Phone:  (603)523-7270
Fax:  (603)523-4986

Office Hours:

Monday - 5:15pm to 8:00pm
Wednesday - 5:15pm to 8:00pm
Friday - 7:00am to 11:00am
Last Saturday of each month: 8am to 12Noon

Bonnie J. Haubrich, Town Clerk
Angela Barry, Deputy Town Clerk

Office will be CLOSED on the following dates:

Monday, February 23, 2015

** If you received a renewal letter from us to register your vehicle you can return your renewal letter and remit payment to our offices in our mail drop.  The Grafton Town Office building is open Monday - Friday 8am to 4:30pm.  Once we process your renewal we will mail your renewed registration and sticker to the address printed on your registrations.  This process still requires 2 checks:  Municipal Fees should be made payable to the Town of Grafton.  State Fees should be made payable to NH-DMV.**

Please license your dogs by April 30th if your dog is over 3 months old

Males and females cost $9.00 per license
Neutered males cost $6.50
Spayed females cost $6.50
Owners over 65 cost is $2.00
Puppies 3-7 months cost is $6.50

$25.00 forfeit IF NOT licensed by June 1st.  RSA 466:13.

Please contact the Town Clerk's Office if you need/have:

*To Register a Vehicle, Trailer or Tractor
*To File Motor Vehicle Title Applications
*To License Your Dog/Obtain Dog Tags
*To Register as a Landlord
*To Apply for a Marriage License
*Need a Copy of a Birth or Death Certificate (for Town of Grafton only)
*Proof of Residency
*To Register to Vote
*Obtain Absentee Ballots
*Questions Pertaining to Elections